Chiropractic Services
Our office provides for the examination, diagnosis, and treatment of many muscle and joint related problems. We treat injuries sustained in auto accidents, work related injuries, falls, slips and other joint  traumas to the hands, knees, feet, etc. Some of the conditions we frequently treat are:

  • Neck/spinal pain
  • Back/spinal pain, with or without sciatica
  • Leg pain
  • Shoulder pain
  • Headaches
  • Knee pains  

Dr. Fierro accepts referrals from other health care practitioners and will refer to other professionals as the need arises.

On the first visit, you will need to fill out an entrance form that will provide us information as to why you are seeing Dr. Fierro. We need to understand the history of your problem.

The inital examination will determine if further diagnostic testing is needed. This might be an x-ray, MRI, CT, blood work, urine, and so forth. We will start to treat you on the first visit.

Dr. Fierro practices what might be called a "diversified" approach to your health issue. As a chiropractor, Dr. Fierro uses manipulation; also called mobilization or an "adjustment". A variety of adjunctive in-office options are available. These may include the use of electric stimulation, moist heat, massage, or trigger point therapy, Other options to help might be the use of orthopedic supports and braces, therapeutic exercises, and nutritional supplementation. Dr. Fierro has two massage therapists in the office.

Insurance: Our office accepts a variety of insurance. We do not participate with Medicare, Medicaid or Anthem "Health Keepers". Payment is expected at  the time of service and, of course, financial arrangements can always be made.