Meet Our Team
Dr. Arthur Fierro r. ro

Dr. Arthur Fierro is a chiropractor who is board certified in nutrition. He is a credentialed diplomate in nutrition (DACBN) by the American Clinical Board of Nutrition (ACBN). Dr. Fierro is a past president of the ACBN.

Dr. Fierro is an editor for the J. Nutritional Perspectives and D.C. Tracts and has taught nutrition at a local college. He researched and developed a natural antibacterial/antiviral supplement called "Biodefense". This has been shown to be a significant aid in preventing and treating many health issues.

He has also developed "Dr. Fierro's Stress Defense" that uses the right combination of natural neurotransmitters that help the brain relax and calm down. Please call the office for further information on these supplements.

Dr. Fierro lives in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia with his wife on an old farm. The picture on this website's home  page is a view from his office.

Dr. Arthur Fierro

Dawns has worked with Dr. Fierro for over 16 years. She is our insurance person. Insurance is always a challanging issue and Dawn takes care to see that all information is properly submitted to your insurance company.

Dawn also handles the front desk operations which can be anything from scheduling   appointments  to answering your questions.
 Kim has been working with Dr. Fierro for 9 years  and handles all the front office tasks. It will ususally be Kim that answers the phone and  sets up appointments. She really loves meeting people and will try to answer any of your questions.

Kim will also handle any supplement orders.