Dr. Fierro is a specialist in nutrition, holding Board Certification in nutrition from the American Clinical Board of Nutrition (ACBN). Many health issues can be resolved by understanding the "cause" of a problem. The health concern might be a problem of something in the food we eat,  the air we breathe or the water we drink. "Stress" can be the cause of many digestive symptoms or other health issues whether it is from physical or emotional trauma.


Not sure if a consultation is what you need for your particular issue(s). Call the office at TOLL FREE  877.434.2495, or locally at 540.434.2495 and talk to Kim or Dawn. 

You can also email Dr. Fierro's office  at [email protected]  for any preliminary questions you may have. There is no charge for this.

For a productive consultation, we will mail you a packet of forms to fill out. These forms can also be picked up at the office.

Scheduling A Nutritional Consultation

Please fill out all the forms and either  mail or fax or email them to our office, Our fax number is 540.434. 2188. Once they are received, Dr. Fierro will give a preliminary review. Our staff will then call you to schedule an appointment.

Consultations are held Tuesdays through Friday.

One of the forms will be a 7 day diet diary. The diary will help Dr. Fierro understand your needs better. Is diet an influence on your health? Should it be modified? Is what you are eating the "problem"? The diet diary may also reinforce what you are aready doing is good.

On the first visit, Dr. Fierro will spend an hour in consultation with you   one on one.  Dr. Fierro will review the forms you  filled. He will review your history and any medications  and/or supplements taken.

Often a consultation is a request to review what current supplements are being taken or to have a better understanding as to what might be taken to enhance the healing process to keep you as "optimally" healthy as possible.

The initial consultation costs $200. Please note that Insurance does not typically pay for nutrition. Our staff will go through billing procedures with you.

With your direct involvement, Dr. Fierro will determine what, if any, diagnostic tests should be considered.

What Diagnostic Testing Does Dr. Fierro  Employ?

Besides standard blood and urine tests, there are a number of tests that can be considered from a nutritional perspective.

Some of the tests Dr. Fierro uses more often are the Comprehensive Digestive Stool Analysis. This helps to determine problems with  digestion, gut absorption, bacterial, yeast or fungal overgrowth, and parasites. The Comprehensive Metabolic Analysis is a urine test that shows the organic acid end products of metabolism. From these end products, Dr. Fierro can determine where a problem may have originated.

Many other tests  that Dr Fierro  uses are hormonal testing, thyroid profiles, DNA testing and tests for environmental sensitivities.